How it Works

Although our approach is fun and simple, we are serious about creating a space that works for you. We are committed to sharing the design love and doing what we do best and leave the rest for you already on the DIY path.

Did you know that designers spend eighty percent of their time doing project management. The other twenty percent is coming up with a design our clients will love. We aspire for the big A Okay, (phew we impressed them and got it right) clients are delighted. We’re talking jazz hands delighted, one of the hardest parts has been figured out for them. They now have a vision and can’t wait to see it materialize. This is exactly what we aim to do for you. We provide a professionally designed space and prepare a comprehensive package for you to move forward with and carry out the plan entirely. This includes, drawings, samples, photos and a shopping list. You are now an empowered DIYer.

Do what we would do and document your space for us, this will involve:

That’s all we need! Give us 2 - 4 weeks to get a design together for you. One of our designers will follow up with phone call to go over your questionnaire and make sure we didn’t miss anything. Once we’ve come up with a concept we’ll send you a soft copy of your design to make sure we’re on track and give you an opportunity to make adjustments if necessary. We then complete your design package and mail it to you.

Design Mill Process